Why Property Styling is Essential in a Slow(er) Market

Styling increases the vendor’s investment in selling. 

Both Vendor and Agent are making a big investment when selling a Property, on so many levels. The Vendor invests their hard earned money in improvements, repairs, marketing costs, selling commission and often in Professional Styling. The agent on the other hand invests their most valuable resources – Time & Energy.

For the Vendor and Agent, embarking on this sales journey together is a commitment both to each other and to getting the sale done, exchanged! cooled off! Completed! As the agent you want to be sure that the vendor is as committed to the sale as you are. 

When the vendor invests in Styling, they are making a great investment in the dollar return on both the property and the Styling itself, helping the property to stand out and shine, attracting more prospective buyers and making the agent’s job a little easier. 

Paying for Styling also ensures the vendor is more ‘pot committed’ to achieving a sale within a set time frame so they can avoid extending the furniture hire and more quickly recoup their investment in marketing.

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