New Swimming Pool Rules, are you compliant?

New rules for swimming pools that begin on Friday lasat week will affect everyone selling or leasing their home. But a random survey of properties for sale last weekend found about 75 per cent did not appear to be market-ready under the new legislation.

Of 40 properties in the $1 million to $3 million price range, the survey found only eight were registered with their local council and had safety compliance certificates.

A further 27 properties had their pools registered with council but no safety compliance certificates; four were neither registered nor had safety compliance certificates. The remaining properties gave an address not listed on the NSW Swimming Pool register.

Although it is possible that some vendors were waiting for non-compliance certificates that aren’t available until Friday, the survey suggested many pools are not up to safety standards.

Property experts have predicted a massive logjam of pool inspections for sellers.  The laws, to be introduced on Friday, require that a valid certificate of compliance or non-compliance be attached to the sale or rental contract of any property with a swimming pool or spa.

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