Cronulla’s proposed $28 million facelift

Residents will have the chance to comment on the future look of the Sutherland Shire’s “jewel in the crown” with the release of the draft Cronulla Town Centre Public Domain Master Plan this week.

The draft plan proposes a capital works program with an estimated cost of $28.5 million that will be delivered in stages over a five to ten-year term.

Key capital works proposals contained in the draft plan allow for the complete renewal of the Cronulla plaza including the removal of the existing stage and clock tower.

This will to be replaced by “an iconic and welcoming” town square designed to celebrate Cronulla’s unique character.

The new town square include a new “tidal clock” and is expected to have capacity to host a range of events including outdoor markets, plays, music concerts and outdoor movies.

There will be a substantial redevelopment of the council’s Cronulla Central building to provide a new community building with ground floor library on the plaza.

The upgrade works have already caused controversy with the closure of the Women’s Rest Centre in Cronulla Mall more than a week before the draft plan when on public exhibition.

The complete renewal is proposed from Kingsway to Purley Place including the renewal of existing council-owned kiosks and shade structures. “A shady, comfortable and inviting space is envisaged where people can shop, stroll, gather and meet,” the draft plan states.

The renewal of Ocean Grove Avenue will provide opportunity for outdoor dining and installation of “playful” street furniture or street art. Detailed design of this area is being prepared as a consequence of the redevelopment of the former Commonwealth bank building which is under construction.

The existing pirate ship playground will be permanently removed as part of the redevelopment of the former Commonwealth Bank building. A temporary playground is proposed for the site of Women’s Rest Centre which the council proposes to demolish.

Other new “play experiences” will be located throughout the CBD.

  • Two new pedestrian lanes – Library Lane and Post Office Lane – will be developed as part of the proposed new community hub.
  • Surf Lane, Beach Park Avenue and Croydon Street Lane will be redesigned as “artful lanes” to provide safer and more enjoyable walks through the town centre.
  • A green gateway and revitalised waterfront space is proposed for Kingsway and Peryman  Square.
  • Upgraded pedestrian routes and new facilities are proposed in the town centre south.
  • The town centre will have “playful”  spaces for all ages reflecting Cronulla’s beach culture.
  • The existing historic clock will be displayed in new community hub.
  • A Cronulla Square water feature will synchronise with the tide and the tidal clock.
  • Pedestrian paving in light sand and earth colour will reflect the beachside character.

Existing service vehicle access will generally be retained.

New guidelines are proposed for outdoor dining to balance public and private interests.

The program is currently unfunded and the council will consider a range of funding sources including general revenue, Suez revenue, the Cronulla special rate levy, government grants, borrowings and developer contributions.

The draft Cronulla Town Centre Public Domain Master Plan will be placed on public exhibition for comment and submission on August 1 for 28 days.

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