25% of homes have no working smoke alarms

Damning new data has revealed how common home fires have become in New South Wales.

Research conducted by Fire & Rescue New South Wales and obtained by Smoke Alarm Solutions, discovered the state’s firefighters attended more than 3,500 home fires in 2017.

The research revealed Fire & Rescue New South Wales attend on average 9.6 home fires every day, or 291.6 each month.

On average, the fatality rate of home fires is double that of bushfires in NSW and claims on average 21 lives every year.

Fire & Rescue New South Wales investigations also discovered 56% of home fire deaths in NSW occurred in premises that did not have a working smoke alarm.

Queensland homes have more working smoke alarms

Alarmingly only 75% of NSW homes have working smoke alarms, compared to 85% of Queensland homes. Smoke Alarm Solutions CEO Cameron Davis said the research proves NSW residents are blasé about fire safety.

“Working smoke alarms should be in every home, but 25% of NSW residents are gambling with their safety and the lives of family and friends,” Mr Davis said.

“Nobody thinks it’ll happen to them, but home fires will claim two lives in NSW this month.

“Families and landlords have a responsibility to ensure their properties are safe. There is no better investment than an up-to-date and working smoke alarm.”

What does the law require?

NSW legislation requires all residents to have at least one working smoke alarm installed on each level of the premises. This includes owner-occupied homes, rental properties, relocatable homes, caravans, moveable dwellings or any other residential building where people sleep.

The five most common causes of home fires in Australia are unattended/abandoned cooking, electrical failure, falling asleep, overheating and mechanical failure.

What solutions are available?

Smoke Alarm Solutions is the largest provider of smoke alarm compliance and maintenance services to the Australian real estate industry. 

The company provides a comprehensive risk-mitigation service along Australia’s eastern seaboard, which ensures landlords adhere to their legislative responsibilities, property managers meet their duty of care requirements, and tenants are safe from the dangers of fire. 

Smoke Alarm Solutions has also been proactive in educating the sector via its informative investor and property manager new legislation breakfasts, as well as working with REINSW at various events.

Smoke Alarm Solutions’ primary aim is to provide a cost-effective and user-friendly service that will reduce the liability and stress surrounding such an imperative and intricate set of guidelines involved with smoke alarm compliance.

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