17 of the biggest interior design trends for 2018

After several years of automation, lavish home entertainment systems, and MTV Cribs-like extravagance, we’re all a little tired, it seems. We don’t feel the need to have everything in our homes interconnected and accessible at all times. We’re more likely to want to watch a lovely view from a bay window than sit perched around the television.

Simplicity and balance is back in a big way. Colours are becoming muted and inspired by earthier tones, warmth is dominating the palette, and old is new again. Re- and up-cycling are bringing a historic perspective to the present, echoing simpler times, as the corners of our homes become ‘micro-zones’ where we can unplug and unwind.

We want to beautify and simplify, surround ourselves with calm, and create spaces that let us kick back, stretch out and actually put our feet up on the furniture. With that in mind, here are 17 of the biggest interior design trends for 2018.

1. Using tonal reds in the home

Red is the colour of fire. But turn the heat down for a moment and you’re reminded that it’s also the colour of the earth. Think of the reddish browns of clay plains or the autumnal transition of leaves from green to vermilion. In 2018, expect to see touches of earthy reds contrasted with cooler tones.

2. Orange furniture and accents within the home

Joining earthy reds are burnt oranges, evoking the heat of cinnamon mulled wines and the setting sun. We’ll see oranges blended with slate greys and tribal designs. Expect to see lone orange armchairs set against cooler backdrops of tones designed to balance the smouldering shades.

3. Tribal patterns in interior design

Bold uses of colour will also be evident in a preference for tribal-style patterns and accessories, particularly in communal areas such as the living room. Geometric patterns featuring browns, reds, yellows and oranges will appear on walls, cushions and throws.

4. Comforting cool tones

Because we’re all about balance in 2018, cool tones will contrast with the reds, oranges and tribal patterns. Light linen, pearl grey, celery, and Robin’s egg blue will serve as clean contrasts to the warmer, more radiant tones. You’ll see this particularly in walls and soft furnishings.

5. Beige and brown as interior base colours

Beige and brown are back to serve as foundations for home interiors. Base colors, such as caramels and cinnamons, will ground the home – away from the dizzying disorder of the outside. In 2018, interiors will promote serenity, so we’ll see beiges and browns in floor coverings, on walls and in soft furnishings.

6. Wabi Sabi homes and the imperfectly perfect

Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese philosophy of beauty within imperfection. With age comes experience and we’ll be seeking out furniture that grows more attractive and interesting as its surfaces are sanded by time. We’ll be avoiding the lacquered slap of the trowel and the HD paint brush.

We’ll be welcoming in the crackled, the oxidized and the weathered. Expect tables and chairs in unfinished woods, evolving metals in household accessories and single branches of weathered trees bringing the outside in.

7. Indoor plants and green spaces

We’ll be taking advantage of the instantly calming effect of nature by inviting a little bit of it into the home or maybe even a lot, whether in the form of densely packed living greenery accentuating corners or taking root centre stage in the form of a living wall.

8. Cosiness and micro zoning for calm

Micro-zoning will answer the call for homes that provide respite from the maddening crowds. Room dividers, reading nooks, and meditation spots will feature heavily in 2018. They’ll be decorated with well-travelled trinkets, well-worn armchairs and lots of cushions and blankets.

9. Metallic accents and decor in gold, silver and chrome

Contrasting with the earthier tones and touches of greenery, the new year will bear some gold as well as a little silver and chrome. We’ll see touches of metallic paint on feature walls as well as in accessories such as vases and even coasters.

10. Suedes, leathers and velvets

Building upon the Wabi Sabi, texture will be big in 2018. Think tactility – the stunning imperfections of natural hide and the unashamedly luxurious feel of fabrics such as velvets and fraying denims.

11. Fringes and fraying textiles

In living rooms, scattered pillows and fraying silks will cushion your seating and in the bedroom, theatrically fringed curtains will keep your private sanctuary tucked away.

12. Beautiful home lighting

Antique chandeliers, recessed ceiling lights and contemporary floor lamps that double as artwork will illuminate our new havens. Kitchens will be lit brightly and boldly, whilst living areas will be arranged to open up the space and stimulate creativity.

13. Curves

Contrasting with the angular geometry of tribal prints, we’ll see rounded arms on curving sofas add a touch of softness. Curves will also work to soften the masculine metallics and the embers of the reds and oranges in our colour palettes.

14. 3D wall designs

Super-sized 3D wall tiles in polished concrete and geometric shapes will add a feeling of sophistication to your cushioned living spaces.

15. Iridescent accents

>Metallic feature walls will add a glowing touch to tired bedrooms and bathrooms. Gently reflective surfaces will add light to rooms that currently serve as forgotten corners of the home.

16. Art gallery walls

Florals are conspicuously absent from the 2018 palette, but oversized blooms exploding onto canvases are very much a feature. Consider a single oversized frame as a focal point, rather than scattering many pictures.

17. AR apps

Augmented Reality will be a boon for the home designer and client alike. The ability to design a room in three dimensions on a mobile phone or tablet means both designer and homeowner get to see the finished product before it’s actually finished. Apps like iStaging, Triple and Room Remix will continue to revolutionise interior design.

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