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Pilgrim Cottage Auction this Saturday, 24 October at 1.30pm

This estate-like home was inspired by English novelist, Cecil Roberts autobiographical books, most significantly "Pilgrim Cottage".

The allure of this English dream motivated the "Cull" family's venture to England to visit the original property. This vision transformed into their dream home and by 1986 plans had been drawn up for their very own "Pilgrim Cottage", the provincial Estate with its all-important gardens.

Following the completion of the home in 1987, the owners commenced work on creating the beautiful gardens that transformed the home into a truly unique estate. The garden was the lifelong passion of the owner and his family, creating an adornment to the unique beauty of Darook Park and Port Hacking.

Pilgrim cottage offers grand formal living and dining spaces, with floor to ceiling windows opening up to the splendour of the cottage gardens and complimented by the natural beauty of Darook Park and the waterways. Pilgrim Cottage presents an extremely rare opportunity to own one of South Cronulla's most sought after properties.

Set over 619 sqm and featuring t ...